If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times. Terminal. Mortality. Treatment program. Aggressive. I nod along with the doctor who's giving me the same information that the last one gave me. She's doing that thing where she's trying to be comforting but knowing that she can't be. After all, what is comfort? … Continue reading Liver


Eyelids start to flutter like a camera made to holdUs in a moment that was warm before the blood was turning coldEnough to stop us in our tracks before the facts were ever toldIn any way that really mattered and they mattered more than gold Hidden neath a summit that we knew we couldn't reachUntil … Continue reading Frame


Underneath the corridor where sound is buried deepA clock is ever ticking with a time that doesn't keepThe rhythm like a serenade of s and o and sThe chime it tries to offer is a chorus of distress Even high above it where the crows have gone awayThe stars become the vultures and they're hungry … Continue reading Hall


I take a pair of scissors and I trim around the edgesTill a visible perimeter remainsThe more I seem to cut away the easier it getsAnd soon enough I'm past the nerves and into veins It's hard to get it started, all the cutting that's requiredTo remove all of the faces and the noiseAnd some, … Continue reading Resume


There's a tear in her eyeAnd she's saying goodbyeUsing words that I can't even hear So I've nothing to sayBecause nothing's okayAnd I know that she won't reappear And the tears that I shedAre converted to ledThen to verses that fail to explain The connection we heldBefore everything failedAs the ocean of promise went dry … Continue reading Pain


The scattering light doesn't travel as far and the windows are wearing their ageThe edge of tomorrow is sitting alone in a cold and ephemeral cageAnd here I go trying to smile againAnd pretend there's a storyOf fortune and gloryThat needs to be placed onto paper with penBut I can't even fill up a page … Continue reading Snow


I keep the parts of me within a series of compartmentsLike they're different people living in their own unique apartmentsOne is made for working, his demeanor is consistentHe can recognize emotions but his own are very distantAll of his intentions he can qualify and measureAnd he seems almost immune to any moment of displeasure Another … Continue reading Compartment


Take me where the flowers never bloomed and never willAnd happiness is in a pillThat doesn't know the word "until"And with their petals ever stillBeneath the tomb of what we killSo can we decorate decay with lily, rose, and daffodil Tell me that the sun is hidden low behind the crestWhere only death was made … Continue reading Weep


The windows wearing garments made of gossamer and iceAnd all the doors are set with hinges rusted redThe shadows seem so sorrowful, their voices full of dreadBut all the worry they convey is imprecise The banisters are broken and the world beyond is hollowAnd the silence is a sentence that I don't know how to … Continue reading Statuary


Wait for me to rest with vacant eyesStaring at oblivion the way I always dreamt I ought to doWhere colors in kaleidoscopes are whispering goodbyesTo all the things I couldn't seeBetween the emptiness in meAnd all the rainbows ground to nothing neath the heaviness of what was out of view Wait for me to see … Continue reading Fall