Directory pt.2

Part 1 “You can keep going with this woo-woo mystical bullshit if you want, but no one’s buying it.” “Well that’s handy, ‘cuz I ain’t fucking sellin’ it. It’s a fuckin’ fact. Snatch. Guy Ritchie. No?” “You think this is some kind of game?” “I do.” “Yeah, well, it isn’t.” “Sure it is. You’re justContinue reading “Directory pt.2”

Directory pt.1

“The thing you gotta understand is just how…unremarkable he was. You know? Like…he was one of those guys that you could talk to ten times in two years and none of it like…none of it really stuck. You know?” “So wait,” Jim said. His bottle of beer hovered so close to his lips he probablyContinue reading “Directory pt.1”