Could I become the reason whyThere’s something more to wake and choose to findWith fingers curling slowly on a blade that none could pry…are reasons really good enough to sever or to justify the bind? I wonder, all the same,If it was shame or just a nameOr just an answer that I neededSo that somethingContinue reading “Unfurling”


I take those imperfections and I tuck them all awayI file them succinctly under letters labeled Z through AI put in little pictures, annotations to relayThe reason that they’re there as if to measure some dimension of decay And organizing every bit of failure that I findI tell myself it’s like a map to placesContinue reading “Culprit”


The pin droppedAnd then stoppedCircles made of sound were flattened lowJoining “can’t” to words of “have to know” And sound roseAround thoseTravesties of tenuous regardTurning tender tenebrous and charred The chime bringsDivine wingsChapters set in books not fully pennedMerging “I mistook” with “duly tend” But set lowWas threat, soTapestries of every spurned offenseCarried far awayContinue reading “Turbulence”


As though a singer flawed my notes were sung in self-deceptionWhile altering reception in the tone that chose to lingerI let my fingers run along your smoothest imperfectionsAnd played a record full of grooves the way you used to love to The underlying static was a sheet beneath the cadenceBereft of all conveyance, though inContinue reading “October”


Perhaps I hadn’t rushed enoughTo see her ‘neath the blush of usWhere life delivered, roughly thus,The blurring light of metaphorsOf candles so abruptly snuffed So with a turn of tracer viewsDid night, when slipping, grace her viewsWhere mine was naught but waste and bruiseTo see the path we’ve settled forWith visage false and face bemusedContinue reading “Reserve”


Pass to me the vial full of ink that I may useThe quill of imperfection on a parchment like a fuseAnd where the black is bleeding soon the stain is like a bruiseAnd here I wonder why when given many passages I seem to always know that it’s the darkest that I’ll choose Burning roundContinue reading “Demise”


Subtracting even now and bound with optimistic wingsI wonder how long in the shadows I would rot away from many stingsAnd when the flesh is peelingIs the blackness it’s revealingShowing all I ever was and all I ever could have been was just a tangled set of strings? And swallowing the laughter like the airContinue reading “Died”


That mandatory whisper with a voice devoid of breathLeft speaking of tomorrow as if yesterday was deathAnd curling little fingers ’round the fallacies of truthTo cast a shadow of our age upon our youth With minatory meaning and a sharpness in a glanceThat says the gamble made was never really worth the chanceBut beckoning statisticsContinue reading “Should”