I put another flower on your grave todayThe ones I placed before were losing color in the shadeWere growing duller as they grayed,For, like a little congregation, they were dying where they pray I placed a pair of roses there before your tombThe other ones, I guess, had been devoured by the snowAnd so theyContinue reading “Vigil”


I set a set of shacklesOn my unassuming wristsSo that in search of tender trystsI found a string of jaded jackalsWhile my care and my concern all shrank to cries And lost, there in the brambles,Where beneath the swirling mistsI looked for longing that I’d missedAmong the me I left in shamblesKeeping warm beneath aContinue reading “Tranquilized”


Perhaps we never partedNever did, because we never really couldDivide the imperfectionsFrom the infinite reflectionsThat we never really startedTo perceive the way we said we always would So now we hold departureLike an ornament that waits to meet a treeIn days of burning summerWhere remembrance merely slumbersAnd the stars are set as archersAnd the pinesContinue reading “Leads”


Would petulance remove you if I speakThe words as if they were as strong as I am weak?And set upon my heart, as if a laminate,An armor that would minimize the burden of critique? By statement like a hammer yet to strikeDo I concede that we are nothing but alike?Or bind, to the contrary, allContinue reading “Proceed”


The pin droppedAnd then stoppedCircles made of sound were flattened lowJoining “can’t” to words of “have to know” And sound roseAround thoseTravesties of tenuous regardTurning tender tenebrous and charred The chime bringsDivine wingsChapters set in books not fully pennedMerging “I mistook” with “duly tend” But set lowWas threat, soTapestries of every spurned offenseCarried far awayContinue reading “Turbulence”


As though a singer flawed my notes were sung in self-deceptionWhile altering reception in the tone that chose to lingerI let my fingers run along your smoothest imperfectionsAnd played a record full of grooves the way you used to love to The underlying static was a sheet beneath the cadenceBereft of all conveyance, though inContinue reading “October”


Perhaps I hadn’t rushed enoughTo see her ‘neath the blush of usWhere life delivered, roughly thus,The blurring light of metaphorsOf candles so abruptly snuffed So with a turn of tracer viewsDid night, when slipping, grace her viewsWhere mine was naught but waste and bruiseTo see the path we’ve settled forWith visage false and face bemusedContinue reading “Reserve”