I take a pair of scissors and I trim around the edgesTill a visible perimeter remainsThe more I seem to cut away the easier it getsAnd soon enough I'm past the nerves and into veins It's hard to get it started, all the cutting that's requiredTo remove all of the faces and the noiseAnd some, … Continue reading Resume


I keep the parts of me within a series of compartmentsLike they're different people living in their own unique apartmentsOne is made for working, his demeanor is consistentHe can recognize emotions but his own are very distantAll of his intentions he can qualify and measureAnd he seems almost immune to any moment of displeasure Another … Continue reading Compartment


Subtracting even now and bound with optimistic wingsI wonder how long in the shadows I would rot away from many stingsAnd when the flesh is peelingIs the blackness it's revealingShowing all I ever was and all I ever could have been was just a tangled set of strings? And swallowing the laughter like the air … Continue reading Died