All that I remember is the fuse before it litThe vivid colorationWith a sound like an ovationAnd a silhouette of circles at the bottom of a pit…swallowing the shards of its creation Everything before is just a blur and little moreA slow reverberationOr a glimpse of a locationAnd a hollowing sensation slipping slowly through myContinue reading “Obsolescent”


Diluting my spirit with spirits dilutedI wonder, how much of me’s left?When words elocuted are barely a memoryBorne of the wreckage that left me bereft With wandering syllables slowly salutingA banner I made out of dreadAnd wearing a uniform made of out of treacheryLeaking affinity, just to pretend that I bled Dissolving the meaning withContinue reading “Dismissed”


I take those imperfections and I tuck them all awayI file them succinctly under letters labeled Z through AI put in little pictures, annotations to relayThe reason that they’re there as if to measure some dimension of decay And organizing every bit of failure that I findI tell myself it’s like a map to placesContinue reading “Culprit”