I put another flower on your grave todayThe ones I placed before were losing color in the shadeWere growing duller as they grayed,For, like a little congregation, they were dying where they pray I placed a pair of roses there before your tombThe other ones, I guess, had been devoured by the snowAnd so theyContinue reading “Vigil”


The problem, I guess,Is the fear I confessOr the fear that, I guess,Isn’t valid unless I can measure its weightOr define its dimensionsIn lines that are straightI can bind and then gateAnd assign to a valid extension The problem, I guess,Isn’t clearly assessedBy the fear I suppressWhen I’m clearly a mess And I’m digging aContinue reading “Crashes”

Directory pt.1

“The thing you gotta understand is just how…unremarkable he was. You know? Like…he was one of those guys that you could talk to ten times in two years and none of it like…none of it really stuck. You know?” “So wait,” Jim said. His bottle of beer hovered so close to his lips he probablyContinue reading “Directory pt.1”


A cluster of geometries I hold and rearrangeComparing them to circles and elliptical designsAnd moving them about as if in doing so I’ll changeThe way they never fit –By turning hexagons a bitAnd forcing spirals into places made for lines A handful of obscenities with edges filed downAnd bent into the clamor of a tickerContinue reading “Rings”


Could I become the reason whyThere’s something more to wake and choose to findWith fingers curling slowly on a blade that none could pry…are reasons really good enough to sever or to justify the bind? I wonder, all the same,If it was shame or just a nameOr just an answer that I neededSo that somethingContinue reading “Unfurling”


As though a singer flawed my notes were sung in self-deceptionWhile altering reception in the tone that chose to lingerI let my fingers run along your smoothest imperfectionsAnd played a record full of grooves the way you used to love to The underlying static was a sheet beneath the cadenceBereft of all conveyance, though inContinue reading “October”