It's 1988 and I don't remember much more about the date and time than that but I know that the world has gone from a torrent of wild emotion to one that is anything but. When I wake, I'm greeted by concerned faces and expectations that I don't understand. My head hurts and, even though … Continue reading Iterations


I don't know why they run. Speeding along with a cascade of flashing lights behind them like a pack of lions running behind the lagging wildebeest in the herd. I know some part of them knows this can't end well. It's like running from cancer or trying to outpace Alzheimer's. I call it lottery logic. … Continue reading Run

Directory pt.1

"The thing you gotta understand is just how...unremarkable he was. You know? Like...he was one of those guys that you could talk to ten times in two years and none of it like...none of it really stuck. You know?" "So wait," Jim said. His bottle of beer hovered so close to his lips he probably … Continue reading Directory pt.1