Published Works

Published Works

Poetry Compilation

A collection of my poetry.

314 poems

384 pages

Everyone said that a poetry book should be, at most, between 100 – 150 poems.

They also told me that if I priced it too low it wouldn’t sell well.

So, I made a book of too many poems and priced it at the cost of production so that no one would buy it.

You’re welcome.

Anthology Contributions

“Rumors and speculation surround the possible inhabitants of Blackout Island, located just a few miles off the coast. Conspiracy theories abound while social media leaks surface about government experiments gone wrong. Certainly something or someone must live there, for haven’t we all seen the shaky home videos of the occasional wisp of smoke or recordings of eerie sounds carrying far across the water on a calm summer night? Something wicked has been let loose within its depths…. And it is time for the truth to be revealed.”

Featuring seven dark stories by L.E. Aleman, Darren Diarmuid, Lauren Rylant, A.P. Christopher, -M. Taggart, M. Ennenbach, and Joann L. Berg.

“A really good poem is full of music.” -Eric Whitacre, American Composer & Conductor — Tune in to just a few lines from a song and one can easily be pulled back into a single moment in time, memories rising unbidden. New moments to be discovered, music weaves through our lives tying them all together. Lovingly composed by thirty-one artists and writers from around the world, The Poets Symphony delivers the seduction of music in the form of poetry, lyrics, rhyme, digital art, photography and more. From inspiration to nostalgic memory, love affairs to the musician himself, place the needle on the record and allow the music of life to flow through your soul.

“Within the dark mindscape of our twisted dreams come tales of revenge and righteous vindication, deep-seated mistrust and hidden truths brought into the light. Where a young woman is able to sift through the minds of her enemies and destroy them through sheer thought before they can consume her. Where a man only allowed to speak a mere one hundred words carries out grim assigned tasks before death comes for him. And where a group of sweet old ladies may just as easily ring up your purchase as invite you to tea and cake, which just might turn out to be your very last meal. So dim down your lights and clutch your blankets to your chin, for tonight you’ll find yourself wrapped up deep in these sweet static dreams.”

Featuring nine short stories written by A.P. Christopher, River Dixon, Robert Birkhofer, Agyani, Lou Rasmus, Braeden Michaels, M. Ennenbach, Mark Ryan and Tara Caribou.