I guess the way I worded all my words, just spelled "deserted" And I'm really not surprised you couldn't stay When truth was at its lowest and the snow was at its slowest There were angels on the ground that couldn't pray I couldn't hear you calling through the fall of this enthralling Little moment … Continue reading Say


If all the weary passengers I'm seeingWere really ever passengers to places I could goI wonder if they'd see me as a person merely fleeingFrom the places they were headingOr the ones they're merely dreadingOr to "trust me, when you see it, you'll know" In truth, it's been a while since a personWas passing any … Continue reading All


I'm sitting here with one leg crossed over the other, a steno pad on my lap where a pen is moving in a way that would certainly imply I'm writing something down. Thomas is talking about how he couldn't buy something that was on the counter at a convenience store. See, he didn't know it … Continue reading Symptoms


I quietly stood as the wind rattled inAnd I turned very littleFor what was a breeze When the sky hasn't fallen or yet to beginA decent knowing it'll Just shift in degreesAnd when standing the way I've been standing I can't say the wind has affected the path With every new whispering, trivial soundWhether given … Continue reading Math


Long ago, I found a vacant field A home, dilapidated, on the fiction of a crumbling foundationGiving meager thought to if the imagery appealedTo any message I beheld I guess avidity prevailedAnd so I labored all the while just creating for the sake of some creation Sowing seeds of negligent regardAnd patching up the windows … Continue reading Omissions


I twisted my apologiesAnd sacred ideologiesUntil the parts I needed most were trueI filled my heart with fusesJust to decorate the bruisesKnowing not why what I choose isAlways differentNever differentSomewhere in between cerulean and blue Where all of the apologiesWere pages from theologiesThe sun had bleached to bone before they bledWhere letters are as flowersPetals … Continue reading Friend


I put another flower on your grave todayThe ones I placed before were losing color in the shadeWere growing duller as they grayed,For, like a little congregation, they were dying where they pray I placed a pair of roses there before your tombThe other ones, I guess, had been devoured by the snowAnd so they … Continue reading Vigil


Arbitrary landscapes in a flutter 'round the cellarAre they moving interstellarBeing fortune and the tellerNot the sold and not the seller of the all consuming clutter Piling in monuments of other minor momentsWhere we measure in componentsBeing growth and how we've grown itInto fountains full of foment fit to fade like just another Trivial pursuit … Continue reading Cutter