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When we pull up to the restaurant, it’s a long, slow deceleration and I’m flanked by other vehicles so far in all directions that I’m not even sure where the beginning and the ending is. Even to the side of me are other vehicles – solid black, windows tinted, bulletproof. Someone opens the door next to the sidewalk so that I can exit and I do so casually – calmly. Immediately, people who aren’t part of my entourage move away or else they are moved away for me. Moved away from me. Same difference, I suppose. Doors to the restaurant … Continue reading Adam


It seems like a fitting enough place, all things considered – even if no one knows it and no one knows why. Here where the air is rich with the scent of steam which shouldn’t even be a scent at all and the various fragrances of food and drinks being made, consumed, and discarded mingle together in that way which should create some abominable odor but never quite does. But I get ahead of myself. “Hmm…” the doctor offers with his hands wrapped in the sterile nitrile gloves of his profession. “How long has it been like this?” “Not sure … Continue reading Sugar


I guess the way I worded all my words, just spelled “deserted” And I’m really not surprised you couldn’t stay When truth was at its lowest and the snow was at its slowest There were angels on the ground that couldn’t pray I couldn’t hear you calling through the fall of this enthralling Little moment that could never last a day But now I can’t see meaning, only dreams reduced to screaming Since it seems you have it figured out, for me there’s no redeeming, Then I guess I never didAnd even now, I really don’t And never will, for … Continue reading Say


If all the weary passengers I’m seeingWere really ever passengers to places I could goI wonder if they’d see me as a person merely fleeingFrom the places they were headingOr the ones they’re merely dreadingOr to “trust me, when you see it, you’ll know” In truth, it’s been a while since a personWas passing any other way but where I couldn’t seeAnd maybe that’s the symptom of the things that only worsenWhen the sun is never settingAnd the world keeps on forgettingThat I don’t remember much of them or them so much of me I tell myself, “the rain is … Continue reading All

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