The scattering light doesn’t travel as far and the windows are wearing their age
The edge of tomorrow is sitting alone in a cold and ephemeral cage
And here I go trying to smile again
And pretend there’s a story
Of fortune and glory
That needs to be placed onto paper with pen
But I can’t even fill up a page

So crumpling errors and casting aside all the meaningless words that I write
I say there’s a method where madness is watching to see when I turn out the light
And here I go trying to say it’s pretend
So you don’t need to hurry
To see me or worry
As long as I don’t ever say it’s the end
And I lie when I say it’s alright

The withering moments are riddled with fallacies, taking a spurious shape
The versions of me I’ve forgotten in chalk meet the ones that I’m lining in tape
And here I go trying to put it in ink
As if choosing devotion
Can fix an emotion
Or keep me afloat when I’m trying to sink
And it looks like the only escape

But photos are missing and walls are adorned with a color preceding my woe
Tomorrow is waiting to tell me again that I’ve lost all the people I know
And here I go trying to offer a grin
Because hiding in laughter
Means nobody after
Remembers where all of the sorrows begin
And there’s nothing outside of the windows I’ve shuttered
Except for the exiting steps that are covered
In layers of merciless snow