Take me where the flowers never bloomed and never will
And happiness is in a pill
That doesn’t know the word “until”
And with their petals ever still
Beneath the tomb of what we kill
So can we decorate decay with lily, rose, and daffodil

Tell me that the sun is hidden low behind the crest
Where only death was made to rest
And all the stars go unaddressed
So with a dagger at our chest
There is a woe we’ll never wrest
From all the hands conveying love until their grip is uncompressed

Hold me like a droplet in your hand and call me rain
And say you barely feel the pain
Or the remorse from every grain
You have to cordially retain
Before it falls into the drain
And all the dopamine is gone and so it never feels the same

Let me fall awake and just pretend I’m not asleep
So I don’t have to try to keep
All that I’ve burned and buried deep
So in denial, we can steep
And over sorrow, we can leap
If you would take me where the sadness of forever doesn’t seep
Because the sun is hidden low
Enough to say it doesn’t know
That all the flowers never bloom
Because forever is a room
So full of solitude and silence no one ever really hears you when you weep