Wait for me to rest with vacant eyes
Staring at oblivion the way I always dreamt I ought to do
Where colors in kaleidoscopes are whispering goodbyes
To all the things I couldn’t see
Between the emptiness in me
And all the rainbows ground to nothing neath the heaviness of what was out of view

Wait for me to see beyond the veil
Where all the blurry faces are a pattern that I never learned to place
Into a bigger picture where the meaning wasn’t pale
And all the reasoning is forced
Until my heart becomes divorced
From all the sorrowful illusions that I tell myself I always need to chase

Wait for me to rise beneath the moon
Holding onto nothing as if yearning was an antidote for loss
So even as I sift through all the fragments that are strewn
Between the edges of a dream
And where we falter in between
I find myself below the precipice I told myself I’d learn to get across

Wait for me to wake another day
Tell me that it matters and the effort wasn’t meaningless at all
So maybe I can hold a bit of light before I say
“I really don’t know what to do
When all the words are meant for you
And when I try to say your name
It simply doesn’t feel the same
And all I have now is a precipice that towers high above
So all I know is what can die beneath the shadow of your love.”
And all the color can ignite into the travesty of night where all the promises of flight are left to fall