Perhaps it’s not the same when I’m the one who doesn’t speak
When you decide it’s time to hide and I don’t care to try to seek
I think there’s a reliance
On my effort and compliance
That would seem to guarantee that we remain forever weak

Perhaps I volunteered to be the ink and not the quill
And be the one behind the boulder on this neverending hill
Where forward is a theory
And if I say that I’m weary
From your place of lesser effort you can say I lack the will

Perhaps it doesn’t warrant any notice till the end
And I don’t know what I can say and I’ve run out of things to lend
As if I’m an appliance
Being broken in defiance
When I feel like it’s your turn to write the words I always send

Perhaps I’m getting tired, feeling like I’m running laps
Around a circle ever widening until I just collapse
And when I ask for mercy
It’s a point of controversy
But I guess it’s not the same when I say I’m the one in pain and when you ask if I’ll apologize for when I’m not to blame, I just refuse to even say the word, “perhaps…”