Please don’t let me wander where the roads that I avoided ever sprawl
Where, behind the thickets, lie the secrets that I keep
And only words remain as any proof that I can weep
Where just so many patterns rest in humble disarray
But these are mine, it’s what I have, and I would love to lose them all

Kindly, would you keep me from the chasms where the chaos seems to bay
There, where all the corridors are barely more than crypts
And half the words I say are torn from other people’s scripts
Where thoughts of consolation are like patterns in the dust
As if reminders, little notes, so many things I meant to say

Tell me that you’ll usher me away from the remains of fleeting trust
Far from all the stages where I never give a name
And people, dearly close, and ever far, they look the same
Where all the rooms – identical – yet different by degrees
Are all I have, and as for reasons, they can never be discussed

Truly, let me travel to a place that’s far away from my unease
Where, behind the fences and the walls, and barricades
And elegies of sorrow singing tragic serenades
Are maybe some reminders of a summer left in fall
I hope that I can find them, even one, or just a quarter
Maybe just a tiny fragment of a pattern at the border
Where you told me, “You should leave,” before you looked away and said, “forever, please…”