How do I follow
Or hope to respect
What was worthy in me
Or was lacking in thee
When the optional feelings
Were met the ceilings
Of wanting your warmest neglect?

What does it matter
And what did it not
When I promised the world
As my own was unfurled
By your carrion passion
Your flare and your fashion
And everything else I forgot

How do I care for you?
Why do I cry?
For a shadow that aided
In me being jaded
And what was the notion
Concealed in emotion
That means I can finally not want to die?

Silence and silence
And silence unchecked
Because talking is harder
Than poems of ardor
And neither of us are now speaking
Because we beleive that our futures are mutually peaking
And hell, what’s behind us is clearly now sinking
But fuck it, let’s say with our scars that we’ll both disconnect