I swallowed the numb like a knife
And drank from a thimble of old residue
I emptied the vial of life
And said all the words that were written in blue
Because you…
You feel like a hole worth mending

I painted my skin with a lash
To make you a garden that blossoms anew
I planted the flowers in ash
And waited to see if they’d die with me too
Because you…
You feel like a soul worth tending

I try not to walk as I tilt
And look far away from a life in review
I casually offer the hilt
And say, “With the blade you may do as you do…”
Because you…
You feel like control worth lending

I dress in the tarnish of fate
With fingertips made of where callouses grew
I whisper that heaven can wait
But words are so fickle and actions are few
And the weight of their meaning left everything bending
Beneath what we’re promised but not what we’re due
Because you…
You feel like the whole world ending