Subtracting even now and bound with optimistic wings
I wonder how long in the shadows I would rot away from many stings
And when the flesh is peeling
Is the blackness it’s revealing
Showing all I ever was and all I ever could have been was just a tangled set of strings?

And swallowing the laughter like the air from a balloon
Inhaling air I tried exhaling into notes that never made a tune
The breaths are growing shallow
Where the years seem ever callow
In the corner of contrition will I fade with all the fanfare of a February moon?

Adjusting, as I do, for all the values never known
I wonder just how many days, how many weeks, I’d be there all alone
And linger undiscovered
Like a lie forever covered
In a world of dimming rhythm from the chimes and dead alarms upon a phone

How many more and many would have set me there aside
As if a momentary memory that always had to be denied
Where now, in a finale,
I remain within a valley
And I wonder just how many days I’ll rest there in the corner till somebody realizes that I died.

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